I don't know what I'll do.

Would we be something beyond our emotions?


The first name on the list is Eli.

He weighs ten more kilos than me.

We're all devastated.

Dalton was just stating the obvious.

I know why Pontus isn't here.


My mother used to read stories to me when I was a young child.

The suspect was innocent of the crime.

The weather has been unusual this year.

She forgot her umbrella, as is often the case with her.

Bea used to tell Penny stories about when he lived in Boston.


Ronaldo is famous for his bicycle kick. When he does it, the fans go crazy.

Dana used her time machine to cheat on the exam.

How much will you pay us?

It's really humid here in the summer.

You never learn, do you?


We now have a whole new set of problems.

I'll screw everything up.

I would die for her.

Did you hear about what happened?

You're Alan's favorite.


During the morning I feel very lazy, I don't want to do anything.

I assume it was an accident.

I want to tell you the truth.

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He was busy with housework.

I don't have enough money at the moment.

The future looks really bright.

You had better not see her today.

She followed him home.

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He gets angry very easily.

I didn't say it made sense.

I'm just waiting for him.

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I love beach parties.

You are not the only one who is dead.

I was sober.

You can find a taxi at the railroad station.

Perhaps I should talk with Socorrito.

He had his shirt on inside out.

A mother rabbit keeps her babies warm with her own body.


She didn't press him.

I ignored it.

You've got two choices.

Floyd isn't wearing shoes.

I'll pick you up at your office at 2:30.

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Anyway, please come in.


I can't believe Edmund just said that.


That cake is delicious.

Spacesuits protect spacewalkers from the harsh environment of space.

Was anyone in the room?

The boy is hoeing.

I objected to paying the bill.

Who did you give that to?

You said that Kate wasn't busy.

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I don't want to play golf.

Maybe they gave up.

I want to love you forever!

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You should on no condition touch these instruments.

Oh no. What happened?

You have to act like an adult.

The square of nine is eighty-one.

Guido said you don't know how to swim.


Jack is three years older than I.


Do you think I'd look good with a mustache?


Pam's rather busy just now.

Dirk arrived just in the nick of time.

How do I know you haven't already harmed Donal?

We don't think that's true.

Excuse me. That fare is not enough.

Did they understand what you were saying?

They accomplished their goals.


I'm out of ammo.

I'll try to be more like her.

Shyam's problems are nothing compared to Vernon's.


Children love playing with squirt guns in the summer to stay cool.


Stupid brain! Why is saying "galxe" so very difficult with a sore throat?


Anne was desperately in love with Lyndon.


My parents have gone to the airport to see my uncle off.

Just remember, never walk on your garden.

I'm sorry, but that is simply impossible.

Leigh is the one who told me not to trust Josh.

She is a wonderful woman.

Marie is an art critic.

Winter is finally coming.

Waiting for a bus, I met my friend.

Pilar tried to have me killed.


Do you want to do something about it now?


I thought you wouldn't mind.

I have a sore throat. Do you have a cough drop?

If you had been a little more patient, you could have succeeded.

Who is your brother?

She acted in a play for the first time.

Donald should've finished it by now.

We can't leave yet. We need to wait for Kathleen.

The Earth possesses a thick, oxygenated atmosphere.

How old was she when she got married?

Their success has a lot to do with their diligence.

Write your congressman.


In my opinion, staying up late is bad for your health.


What is the situation in Boston?


The danger was imminent.


How successful were they?

That building is our school.

She really let herself go.

She has preternatural powers!

We know you've got plenty to say.

He is by nature a kind fellow.

Are there reserved seats?

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He opened the door, only to find the room empty.

Water will boil if heated enough.

Put down your name on the list and pass it on to the next person.


Why didn't you just tell her?


Is there anything you want to talk about?

It's an easy plant to grow.

When I was 17 or 18 years old, I started buying candy with my own money and I always bought marshmallows.


Please come next Friday.

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I'm so glad you are all here.


I'm caffeined out.


As for me, I don't have any comments.

There's nothing much to buy.

He acquired the habit of snacking.

You didn't need to hurry.

In today's life, the world belongs only to the stupid, the insensitive, and the agitated.

Who were you dreaming about?

All I want now is a hot shower and a good night's sleep.

Where can I go to get a map of Europe?

Anyone would have done the same thing.

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Instead of cutting down on cigarettes, why don't you just give them up?


I don't belong here.

Edmond stole my idea.

It has to be removed.


You will never fail to be moved by the sight.

There are plenty of fish in this river.

Where did you do it?

Take your shoes off.

Someone just drove off in your car.

He could see the entire landscape from the top of the mountain.

There are limits.

Don't be such a fool.

Talking is one thing, doing is another.

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Few flowers develop into fruit.


We haven't changed how we think of her.

Manjeri is the best roommate I've ever had.

I figured everyone was happy.

Men quickly get used to a good relationship, and I say it's good to shake things up a little once in a while.

It's really a nice idea.

The senselessness of the act appalled him.

I can take you to him.

Give her a smile.

I have no intention of doing that today.


He is sure to accomplish his purpose.

That was a very big deal for me.

Would you like to know who did that?

I could make a fortune doing this.

Three years sounds like a long time.


I must warn him.

I don't like it when you cry.

Sergeant was very arrogant.